Chimney Sweep In St. Louis

Professional Chimney Sweeping Services for St. Louis, MO


You will find the authentic and cozy feel of warming your home up with a real fire hard to beat. In order to maintain a safe environment with your fireplace, though, routine maintenance is necessary. Regularly scheduling chimney sweeping services will help keep your home clean and safe. 

Chimney Sweeping Services

Sweeping out your chimney eliminates potential fire hazards by cleaning out lingering debris. It will also help you preserve your home's clean and tidy appearance. This will allow you to fully enjoy the benefits of your fireplace. But, rather than doing the work yourself, take a look at some of the reasons why hiring professional chimney sweeping is a good idea. A professional chimney sweep:

  • Is certified
  • Is insured
  • Knows the proper technique
  • Doesn't spill soot and ash
  • Utilizes professional tools
  • Saves you the time
  • Cleans thoroughly

By choosing to hire a professional, you eliminate any risk associated with chimney sweeping to yourself by letting the trained professionals handle the logistics like climbing on top of your roof. You also free up your schedule with the time you would have spent cleaning. Professional chimney sweeping services are quick and thorough thanks to the availability of the proper tools and training in proper methods. 

The professionals at Archway Clean Sweep, Inc., have your best interest at heart. We have all the tools and knowledge necessary to perform a thorough sweep of your chimney, and we know you will be happy with the results. Our pricing is competitive, and our quality of work is excellent. 

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